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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do on this server?

The best thing to do first is ALWAYS to read the server rules. Do this by typing /rules on the server or look HERE.

The main objective of this server is Deathmatch and team Deathmatch, however the server is also a small tuning server like we have a big parking house, there you are able to buy a parking lot space, you can then tune your motorvehicle and save it in your own personal parking spot. when you have saved a car it means that the car will be spawned there evry time it explode, and you are the only one that can drive the car!

The server also have a bank account system which enables players to save their hard earned cash safely.

We have a excellent bombscript running on the server which allows players to plant bombs and also allow their friends to walk over bombs unhurt. Use the command /bombhelp in chatbox for further info on bombs...

We currently have 2 extra DM areas for the players that wont to get even more kills (or die faster) >_< These DM areas are great fun for all players.
You can join the DM areas by typing /joinrc or /boaton. The RC DM is teamplay DM, and the Boat DM is all vs all DM.

The most important thing for all players to do, is to have fun while playing on our server. And of course, save the server IP to your favorites on samp:D

Why does I only got 1 gun? (tec9, uzi, sawnoff shotgun)

This is simply because your skill level is still to low, you can raise your skill level buy buying 'Skill Level' at ammu, but this can cost lots of $$$:D Or you can get lots of kills 1000 kills = 2 guns. Once you get a high enough skill level, then you are able to use 2 guns (tec9's, uzi's and sawoff shotgun's)

How can I became an regular player?

The way to become a regular player is easy, just go to the server and start killing, once you gets 50 score or more you will be labelled as regular player. and that means you are free to enter the Regulars Players Club [situated at end of strip in Los Venturas].

What happends if i see a cheater/hacker?

This is very important and one of the ways we keep our server clean from hackers, If you see a hacker or are killed by hacker, then please use this command /report [id] [reason] these reports will be logged and once a admin is available, checks and tests will be performed on the suspect player.

What are the rules of the server?

Easy, do /rules on the server or look HERE. The rules here are simple to understand for all players. If you break a rule this will result in a warn/kick or even a ban! Anyone caught with a cheat are immediatly banned.

Does the server have a website?

Duh, yes....you are on the website right now n00b :D

How can I be an admin on the server?

First of all, DON'T ASK!! Admins are selected by the server owner from players who have been here a very long time, and who are well known by the players. If we want you to be an admin, WE WILL ASK YOU.