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1. Respect admins

Do not pretend to be an admin, do NOT insult admins and Listen to what they say. Anyone who dosen't respect an admin is immediatly banned.

2. No advertising

Absolutely no advertising on the server, that includes web sites and other servers.

3. No cheating!

This one is obvious.. Anyone (yes even regulars) caught with a cheat are immediatly banned. There is no point in cheating in UltiMatE DM CarNaGe SerVeR, unless you relly can't shot, in which case you shouldn't be playing. Cheaters are the lowest of the low, and are not welcome on the server. This includes any bug exploits.

4. Respect Other players

Another simple one... Evryone just wants to have fun, so try to respect eachother. That means no racism and no constant arguing with other players.

5. No drive bying!

This is an dm server yes... But DO NOT DRIVE BY! Drive by is for nubs that can't dm properly. Drive by and you are kicked/banned. Drive by as a passanger is allowed but only if you shot on cars! Do not shot at players on foot!

6. No pausing!

Pausing the game is like godmode! We will ban players that pause the game when they are in a fight!

7. No car parking

This one is hard to explain. It's not allowed to run over other players! Use your fucking gun insted. We will warn you the first time then we ban.